Artists Open Their Studios to the Public at Wood River Valley Event

magic valley

August 2015:   Diana Citret scurried amidst the 15 people who had turned out for a wildflower walk in Greenhorn Gulch south of Ketchum.   But instead of pointing out how yarrow contains an alkaloid that stimulates blood to clot more quickly, she focused on showing the walkers how to zoom in and focus on the flowers with their iPhones.

During the two-hour walk, she showed them how to lighten or darken highlights, crop photos, enlarge certain aspects and bring out more contrast.  Citret, who has taught photography classes for the Sun Valley Center for the Arts, admits that she can do a lot with iPhones in the field that she can’t do with her regular camera.  “You can make the pictures so nice you can hang them on your wall,” she says.  But at the end of the day she still sits down in the studio of her home north of Ketchum and manipulates the pictures she’s taken to achieve the fine art quality she wants.

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