It’s Easy to Support The Connection

Connection 3

Most of us never really think about getting old. Even though we see our friends and family age, we don’t realize it’s happening to us, too. We seem to think we’re more like Methuselah and will practically live forever. Getting old, however, even for the well prepared, can be hard. …

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The Coffee House: A gathering place

The Coffee House

The Coffee House   The fact that the event went so well should come as no surprise, since The Coffee House’s head honcho, Roy Clark, has a marketing background. But that’s not why he and his family got into the coffee shop business. “We really felt the call, felt that …

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Redfish Technology Redefines Success

Redfish Tech

It’s rather easy to judge a company’s success simply by looking at its books. But a truly successful company doesn’t just have its numbers in the black, its employees are also enjoying the positive and profitable values of feeling appreciated, challenged, productive and that there’s opportunity for professional growth. No …

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Cari’s Hair Care Helps Hailey Look Good

Cari's Hair Care

When you think about it, it’s a pretty simple dynamic: when we look good, we feel good. And if we get to spend a little time getting pampered during the process, all the better. That’s pretty much the philosophy behind one of Hailey’s longest-running sole proprietorships—and longest tenured members of …

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Hurtig Shooting Center Takes Aim

Hurtig Shooting Center

  The great thing about real heroes is that their legacies carry on well beyond on their own lives. Ben Hurtig was a hero to his country, and to his community. A Marine in World War II and Korea, Hurtig moved to the Wood River Valley after retiring from the …

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