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The Blaine County School District (BCSD) operates the Wood River High School, Wood River Middle School, Hailey Elementary, Woodside Elementary and the Silver Creek Alternative School – all located in Hailey.  The BCSD philosophy is one of total commitment to educational excellence and they continually seek curriculum and staff improvements based on research, sound principles of child development and proven teaching practices.  The BCSD believes it is the duty of the school organization to serve the community by providing a comprehensive educational program, and it pledges that each school with offer students the opportunity for maximum growth potential in a climate of mutual trust and respect.

Student Ski Weeks:  Students hit the slopes each winter thanks to Sun Valley Co and a myriad of generous local ski stores, volunteers, staff and supporters. Every elementary school in Blaine County offers a variation of the annual “Ski Week.” For many students, it’s their first and only opportunity to visit Dollar or Baldy and to learn how to ski. The sense of self-worth, pride, and confidence is evident in each and every smile that radiates off the slopes. Numerous generous donors help provide everything from clothing to health insurance. Dozens of volunteers donate their time and energy to helping students learn. The Sun Valley Ski Patrol visits each school with their rescue dogs and safety information, and then they meet up with the students on the mountain, giving them instruction and advice. It’s yet another example of just how special our community is and just how extraordinary living in Blaine County can be.  Watch the smile-inducing slideshow here.


 syringa mountain school  syringa mtn school kids                                                               Photo credits:  Syringa Mountain School

For those seeking a private or alternative education for their children, their are several excellent choices located in Hailey.

  • Sage School
  • Syringa Mountain School is a K-5 public charter school that provides a rigorous, arts-integrated curriculum inspired by Waldorf education in the public school setting. We develop students who are compassionate, eco-literate, critical thinkers prepared to meet the demands of their world. We will grow to K-8 by 2017.
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Photo credits: CSI

The College of Southern Idaho operates a Blaine County Campus in Hailey. A variety of academic, professional development and adult enrichment courses are offered, adding to the educational and cultural richness of the community as well as life long learning opportunities for all residents.


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