There are many options for taking a dip in Hailey

Whether it be in an outdoor pool or the Big Wood River.
*Caution is always advised when swimming in the river, as natural hazards may exist.*

Blaine County Aquatic Center

Open during the summer from Memorial Day to then end of August, the pool is an outdoor oasis in Hailey. Located as the centerpiece of the Blaine County Recreation District SportScape, the pool offers a regular and kiddie sized pool, a toddler playground, a snack bar, party rental space, leisure cabanas and palapa umbrellas, and plenty of fun!

Blaine County Aquatic Center

Heagle Park

There are several natural “beach” areas along the Big Wood River in Hailey where it is possible to enjoy a dip in the cool, fresh mountain river. Heagle Park is the most popular since it has a wide area of sand next to the river. Safest time to swim is in late July/early August, when the river runs slow and water is the warmest. In June and into early July the river can run fast due to spring run-off. Always use good judgement and safety precautions when swimming in the Big Wood River, as many natural hazards exist.

North of Sun Valley

The Sawtooth National Recreation Area has a number of beautiful high mountain lakes with natural sandy beaches and additional facilities like picnic and campgrounds. The most popular of these is Redfish Lake, other lakes are Alturas, Petit and Stanley.

Redfish Lake

Scuba Diving

Believe it or not, you can even scuba dive in Idaho! Our clear mountain lakes offer a very unique scuba experience. Check out the videos below for a little sample.

Penny Lake

Little Wood Resevoir